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I am honored to have one of my short films “KEYS DISEASE” nominated for “Best Short Film” at Horrorhound Weekend Film Festival, September 11-13 in Indianapolis!

Keys Disease Poster 8 x 11

As a freelance Director Of Photography, I specialize in overseeing all visual aspects of a film, video or photographic production. From the pre-visualization, production, and through color grading, I help to shape your concept into a visual medium.

I have extensive experience in Event Photography and Videography, Real Estate and Landscape Photography, and Portraiture.

I have written, directed and edited over 20 short film projects.  Many of these projects can be previewed by clicking on the Filmography section.  My comprehensive filmography can be seen by visiting my IMDB Page here.

Further details regarding my education and relevant experience can be found under my EXPERIENCE page here.

Director-Editor Cinematographer Photographer